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Brad Nelson

Wow that was overwhelming and after a week every day I will decide if it in my greatest good and share it with others. Thank you this is certainly origonal.

John Batchelder

Morry to are absolutely brilliant!You seem to know what I need,even more so than I do.I need this. I hope you never lose my contact info.Even though this is a prosperity builder, it has increased my confidence in myself.


Dear friends
At the moment to recommend more friends it is supposed to show another download link, but this not happened!!

Thank you


Dear Roberto,
When 5 of your friends visited our website, the system will send you an email with the download link to the 2nd Prosperity audio.

There might be a delay if the server is overloaded.


Song chengxiang

Morry Zelcovitch

Hi All, I just wanted to welcome all of you to our blog and want you to know that I'm here for you if you need me:)



The triliminal part is amazing. But what is the sound in the background? Some kind of BWE?

Brahmanand Singh

The concepts sound good ... However, this one as well as the ourchased ones that I have received ... have double voices ... it doesn't seem to have beed done by design ... it sounds very jarring ... please do the needful for me to experience i fully ... else it looks like a waste ...

Brad Foreman

I am sorry I cannot get past the sign in page, it does not let me go any further, it was disappointing as I work in this field and was very intrigued by what I read both personally and professionally
If there is something you could do to help me, please let me know.


I just listened once and I had a special feeling,that something wonderful is happening to me,something difficult to describe in words,but something deffinitelly there:deep inside me...Thank you.

alex meyer

sorry guys but I have tried many times to download it , but its impossible , the link is not working


Definitely a unique concept and is more effective than Subliminal audios or videos, as it programs the concious and subconcious at the same time. Cheers.
I was just curious to know if the tone in the background is Isochronic or Monaural Beats and what frequency (Alpha or Theta)?


This is certainly interesting. The asynchronous affirmations (right and left) is intriguing.


Hi Brad, I am not sure why you could not pass the sign up page, it is probably due to your browser setting. Anyway, I have just sent the direct download link to you, please check your email.

Best Regards
song chengxiang


Hi all, I found the download to be absolutely awsome to say the very least. The technology used is magnificant and must be used for so many more affirmation and the like programmes.

Lluis Marti


It's the first time I listen to something like this but I find it very interesting and I think it must help a lot reprogram the mind.
I have a question: how long should one listen to it daily?
Thank you very much,

Lluis Marti

Morry Zelcovitch

For those of you experiencing issues downloading please try a different browser as this has helped many people to get it.

It appears that there are security settings on your current browser that are holding you back.

Thanks and I hope this helps,


Morry Zelcovitch

Hi Arun,

The BWE frequency in the background is in low theta.

I hope this helps,

I'm here for you.


Morry Zelcovitch

Hi Luis,

You can listen as often as you like but please try and leave at least a 1 hour break in between.

We have found the break allows for more of the beneficial effects to manifest:)

I hope this helps and I'm here for you.


Morry Zelcovitch






Thank you for the mp3
I love it .....
will pass it on
Happy Easter
Jacinta Hannon

Harry Beam

I ve used the morry stuff for over a year,I lost the directions on what to do when and could never find the info our get any help so I stopped , when I started using them morning and nite 6 days aweek for months,I was broke and out of work,after a year I,m broke and out of work with a cracked vertabre,I'm am not a lookie lou I,ve been at this stuff for 29 yrs'I loaned your stuff to a friend and we both agree they help ,he said he though it opened his third eye. medatation has saved my life I've done it since 81 I,m a disabled viet Nam Vet,I do not smoke ,drink or do drugs,if you want to try these out on someone and get a honest openion,lets do it ,what your doing makes since ,the this stuff doesn't make since is the excact thing needed to make the left brain back off ,thinking this stuff is BS so the right brain can do the work needed,I always like what your doing ,and look foward to getting this whole program so lets see if this one finally removes my block for letting money come to me in $$$$$$$$$ instead of pennys,Thank You For Your Time, Harry


this is not working for me, too confusing. the bare Morry sound and may be one voice in the backgroud would be much better.

John McCreery

This is the best entrainment sounds that I have heard. Thank you for the sample. jrm

Datu Ken

Fantastic and exciting material and I thank you for the opportunity of listening to this mp3. I will stay with this a few times a day to make a better judgment of the effect it will have on me. Thanks again.

Roger Hughes

Affirmations should be made in the Positive Present Tense...The You and Your ... should be I Am and I Have. Otherwise it is 'someone' else telling me that 'you do this' instead of "Me" telling myself. There have been other studies that one should be a male and another a female voice. One of the three voices could use the 'You are, have' phrase. The female voice could go to the left brain) speaker and the male voice int the right(brain) speaker and with the female in the left Otherwise the content and intention is good.

Morry Zelcovitch

Hi Harry,

Please contact me with this info at




After 2x submitting names and email addresses none of my friends have received any emails from you. What are you doing with this info


Very clever, using 3 voices with different pitches and tones, at different speeds and not phased, guarantees it will, one way or another, go right to the sub conscience

alessandro mucci

the audio is fine, it boosts self confidence,I want to see the results in the next days,

Fantastic Frank

Hi I have a unique challenge or opportunity for you MORRY. or SONG, Since I have a disability know as a TBI that stands for Traumatic Brain Injury which came about from my almost dying in a fire so that is where my brain got the TBI. I've used various other programs like holosync, and a pzzizz unit which I heard about from TONY ROBBINS to get only miniual results at best. So my challenge to you is to use me as a test subject to see if it will help me. I'd be your personal guina pig and because I am "disabled" and don't work nor do I have any one here except my dog I would be willing to become totally immersed in your program but his would mean that you would have to allow me the privilge or the honor of
going where you are and becoming totally immersed with you.

What do you say?


This is not a unique concept.I don't believe that this recording is affirmations. I believe the concept is to speak directly to and reprogram our subconscious. I think that its great and I plan on using it on a regular basis.
Thank you


Hi guys, thanks for the freebie I love it!! I definitely feel more positive and excited. I have been looking into all this stuff for a while now and have battered my own head trying different systems out ( some that I have purchased even tho I couldn't really afford them but was thinking you have to speculate to accumulate and all that )I too, just like a previous comment, was wondering about the affirmations spoken as "you are" as opposed to "I am" and am worrying that I won't get the full benefit because of the way its worded, but something in me is definitely feeling excited and hopeful. Thanks so much. Also had a problem with inputting my friends details, it didn't work so will try again. Angela

martin verheijen

dear friend. by getting your program you sent me different items, too many to handle in a proper way. which of these items (two ) can i use in the morning and the evening for a long time every day the same so they will really subside. thank you for sending me your advice. MARTIN

Derefaka David Direh

Let me start by saying a big thank you to you and the producer of the Morry system for the good work. I always keep an open mind on issues, hence I try out new things or ideas when floated. I listened to it Late in the night of yesterday before going to bed and early this morning. I think it is relaxing. I have a strong feeling that it will work because I understand the power that the subconsious mind has in bringing our desires to manifestation. Such a recording I believe can directly access one's subconscious mind.There is a physical action to be taken, but if the mindset is wrong, then it means even before you take off with action, you have started failing. Though I could hear two voices repeating suggestions or affirmations, I think that was perfect. I think it will work faster if one can visualize his or her desires while listening to it. Apart from this suggestion, it is the background hush sound that is not as good as the one I heard in one of your previous quantum recording samples. I shall still be listening to see what other positive experiences one can notice by using it. One problem which I have is that of continuity. There are so much in contention that I am not able to keep at a thing for so long if I do not see a change early enough. I guess that is because my school work takes much of the time. God bless you.

Amy Rohde

I think continuous drilling it into me will pay off, it's like everything you hear it a few times and you tend to believe it, brain washing in a positive way, well done

Fatimah Musa

Thanks for the free download.

But I didn't get to hear till the end. The recording stopped half-way, continued and then just disappered again.

However, I like what I managed to listen to.

It reminded me of one of the paraliminal recordings that I've been listening to.


thanks for the free download!
I am eager to experiment it. Sounds interesting ...
Still can't say if it is working

Deborah Perry

First of all I want to express my grattitude for recieving your free downloads. They are very interesting. I dont think I have been using them long enough( approx. 15 days) to have experienced significant change but I do feel different. It is difficult to explain. I am calmer and more focused. I am able to get more done in my day. I am not as tired all the time. I dont worry as much. These are little things but they do add up. I do have a question, how often should I be listening to the audios? I have been listening to them at bed time. There isnt any other time in my day when I can tune and not be distured for 20 or 30 minutes.
I will report back as results appear. I am excited, for the first time in a long time I feel like something is making a positive difference.
Thank you,
Deborah Perry


First of all I would like to thank you for you generosity and allowing
me to have access to the recording.
I do wander if there is a special reason for using “you “instead of “I”?
It is a contra version to my knowledge. As fare as I know when you want to make an impression on the subconscious mind it has o be done in the present and “I” can make this impression only, other wise it is again imposed from an outside source. I hear three different mantras at the same time witch I believe is to make an impression on the sub and the conchies mined at the same time.
Why is the third ???????


Hi Sheila,
The number of emails that our server can send out at the same time is restricted. There would be a delay if too many people are sending emails. Eventually the emails will be delivered. Please be patient. :)

song chengxiang


Its a interesting hypnosis concept. I may need to listen to a couple more time to be able to reap the main benefit of it.


Bertha Lucía Velasquez

I'm very happy with this material I think is very powerful.
Thank you so much.


It does feel good to the soul,and ears to hear and feel the nice things being said. I mean, who wouldn't want to hear nice things all day instead ot the negative things all around you. It helps the positive things last longer and the negative things less important. It feels good to feel good.

I so much appreiciate the way you give and keep on giving, it tells where your heart is.

Thank You Morry and Song, you are blessed.

Morry Zelcovitch

OK, I guess I need to clarify why the affirmations say "You" instead of "I".

This methodology speaks to your conscious and unconscious mind at the same time.

Hearing me say "I" to "you" would not be reconciled by either your conscious or un/subconscious mind as its my voice speaking and not yours.

Using the "you" works in the same way you were negatively programmed by those around you with "you" cannot do this, or that...

I think you will agree that hearing enough people repeating to you something negative has a very powerful negative effect.

As such hearing someone repeat positive things will have very positive effects.

I hope this helps and I'm here for you.


Morry Zelcovitch

Hi Martin,

Please let me know which recordings you are speaking of, it does not sound like this blog is related to them, as such please ask your question to me personally at




I only have positive feelings about this product, it has reinforced my beliefs, because it is exactly what I put my trust in, not just for the blessings of money, thats a minor but for the greater blessing of eternal life. These principles are nothing new to me at all, because thats what GOD word the teaches me, so it just solidifies my faith, and I know that the quickening power of GOD has quickened me into action, and all things that are mine is already in manifestation in and around me. so thank you very much, I ENDORSE THIS PRODUCT AND RECOMMEND IT TO ALL. GOD BLESS YOU

Morry Zelcovitch

Hi Deborah,

It sounds like you are speaking of different recordings than the Triliminals.

You need to read the manual for the listening protocol and if you need to please contact me at my email addy with your listening schedule and I'll be happy to comment on it for you.

I'm here for you.



definitely feel more confident and relaxed after listening!

thx Lisa:)

Robert Griffin

Hello Morry, I loved the recording and multiple audio approach. The importance of programming muliple part of the brain at one time is a great approach. The focus and penetration of the messages are incredialbly effective. "Thank You"


Hi, Morry!! I think the recording is great!! Thank you so much for allowing us to enjoy this helpful technology.

Siegfried Blaesner

Thankyou for the trial run on Prosperity --- played it once, but plan to use it twice daily.

Do you have it's equivalent for Body Healing, specifically Heart Condition ??


it was hard to listen to. not very soothing. just got annoying after about ten minutes.


Hi Morry,
The recording is amazing.I have listen to it once and I feel I'm going to it every day, because it is so good.
Thanks you so much for the gift. I really appreciate this and I do not take it for-granted.
Thank you again


Halloooo Morry!!!
You have opened up my subconscious, in a way I don’t understand but LOVE it. I’ve been listening to your Quantum Confidence Audio for the last two weeks, and must say wow. I can’t remember when last I had a dream. Yes I know blah blah; we dream every night, but for the last 35 years nothing. NOW it is so “BAD” that I can even remember the dreams without writing them down when I wake up. And the most awkward things happening in my dreams, but loving it. I’m one of those people that are very good with filling things in the mind but at the best of times not always dealing with the issue. Through my dreams the people, situations, and events give me a glimpse to what’s going on in my subconscious.
I have started with your Quantum Prosperity 1A last night. I think I know how it feels to have skitsofrenia. Jokes aside. It is quiet something to get use to, but will keep on doing it. Your voice is very soothing.
Can you please advice when is the best times to listen to them both during the day. I’m currently listening to it before I go to sleep.
Keep up the good work
Caren - South Africa


i can get to the download page but then nothing, i would love to listen as i teach meditation and yoga and have meditated for years and would like to see what sort of state this puts me in.
Can you help with the technical problems.


Thanks for the free trial - I'll definitely be using it. I really like the 3 line approach.


Wow, just one listen and I feel different. It's like getting an "attitude adjustment" w/out getting beat up (old American slang). I mean that in a good way. This is great and I know it will help me a great deal as I believe I attracted this to me.
Thank you Morry and Song!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!


Hello Morry, thanks for allowing me to download and try the audio. I felt the messages sinking into my body and I think it should make some difference in a week. I have already sent a mail to a few of my friends to try this.
Thanks once again...


Thank you for the free sample. I will try it out, although I am not sure if this will work as I have severe to profound hearing loss in both ears. I can hear the recording by wearing a hearing-aid in my left ear.

Or I could wear headphones with the volume turned way up. (Not sure I want to take that approach).

However, I am willing to try this out to turn my life around. Bless all of you for the good work.


Pl give me 10 days' time. I wl come back to u with feed back

Robert Secrest

This is the best type of recording of this type I have ever heard.


I thought it was great I sent it to all my family members to get the second half, but none of them said they received an email from you except one.


I've heard two voices at once before. Never three. I listened without paying attention, if that makes sense. Just let the words flow through and around. Amazing. Thank you.

Dave Metzger

I am grateful that I have the Quantum Triliminal recordings. I am less stressed out and much happier after listening to them. I feel much more peaceful too. I know that this is what has been missing in my life. I am looking forward to hearing what else is available. Thank you for sharing.


I got the quantum triminal audio just yesterday and i can't say many things yet. But i wanted to ask you about the results and how long do you have to hear this in order to see the results. I must say that i often lose my faith and my courage, i don't know if my goals are achievable or not and i also loose my patience. Thank you very much for your help, lots of love from greece.

Morry Zelcovitch

Hi Siegfried,

we have already released a Triliminal on health and wellness on my private club and I have added a healing one to my list of todo's.

We will make the past Triliminals available at a special price for any members who missed ones they want at some point in the future.

Thanks for the suggestion,


Morry Zelcovitch

Hi Caren,

The best times to listen to the QC main recordings are a couple of hours after waking or before going to sleep.

This being said, try different times and see what is good for you on a personal level.

You are your own guru and ultimately will know whats best for you:)

I hope this helps and I'm here for you.


Morry Zelcovitch

Hi Teresa and everyone else having problems with getting the downloads...

Please try a different browser, norm,ally the problem exists in your browser settings and if you change browsers it can solve the issue.

Alternatively you can always send the link to a friend and let them get it for you.

I hope this helps and I'm here for you all:)



Hi Morry
Thanksfor giving us a sneak peek @ the Triminal
......Mind blowing can't wait to watch it daily.
sometimes can only listen to the music but love whilst having the video.
Have spread the word and all the friends just love it. Mind altering.

Morry Zelcovitch

Hi Brian and others with the same issue of emails not getting to their contacts...

Please try the suggestion below of using a different browser.



Morry Zelcovitch

Hi Joanna,

Its really difficult to say how long it will take for you to see or feel changes.

sufficed to say that if you change your thinking then you change your reality.

So stick with it and your thinking will begin to change and your view of the world around you will follow shortly thereafter:)

I'm here for you.



Thank you so much, dear Morry and Song! I need someone to tell me these affirmations, maybe I will finally cross the Rubicon towards allowing myself abundance and earning money ... will inform you about my progress soon.
With love!


I listened yesterday for the first time. It was amazing to hear from three different places three different messages and to be aware of all that! Really amazing!Thanks!


I think this is a great idea. Synchronizing the left and right brains with the intended goal. I think also it would be even more benneficial if there were an "echo" and sort of a loop of the same affirmation so that the same recording of the same affirmation continues to start before the other one ends.
Perhaps an overload of affirmations all at once at times, but then breaking apart into individual affirmations. The brain is constantly seeking to create order out of chaos. The chaos and confusion and such breaks down the old beliefs, and out of the chaos, it becomes very easy to imprint suggestions.

If the suggestion is naturally starting out with a chaos of ideas, all related to potential belief changes, and then structure is brought about while the most important set of affirmations that make up a belief is repeated, it should be very easy to adapt a new belief system


I like the whole triminal concept this means you dont resist and just go with the flow of the affirmations, I love it. It really up lifts me.

Also i have bought the quantum mind power package and I find my mind and thought process is very clear since listening to it.

Morry - if i wanted a recording done for me for a specific situation, would you be able to do this for me, if yes pls let me know your fees.

Thank u for the free download.


I found this recording to be irritating. Just having someone tell me all this does not mean it will happen. To me it wss all just nonsense.

jaime bonfante

Hi song chengxiang

I feel this technology is much similar to paraliminal of learning strategies ... of Paul R. Scheele.. They use three voices mixed too..
I only use for one day I must try more. Thanks jaime bonfante


The sansation is a litlle strange because of the background .May be some music can help more ?
Something more relaxing ...
I hear that vibration ...behind ...
In fact , can be used music for this kind of MP3?
I am not sure that I understand this process .Please , add more explanation , more clear ,about two sides of brain and counscious and subcounscious level.This process is very powerful and deep .
What did you felt for the first time when you have heard this MP3? In your mind , brain ?
I Have heard ,used
Omniliminal ,Paralinear MP3 but this is quite new.

Thank you .

Morry Zelcovitch

Hi All,

These are the affirmations we use in this recording...

Right Ear – Left Brain

Each day you are more successful
You achieve the things you want
You are a success
You are able to achieve success
You are at one with success
You are congratulated for success
You are creative
You are happy and successful
You are inventive
You are knowledgeable
You are resourceful
you know how to succeed
you make friends with success
you see yourself successful
you see rapid success
you study success
you study successful people
you surround yourself with success
you welcome success
you work towards success daily
It is okay for you to be successful
Success is inside you
Success is yours

Left Ear – Right Brain

you get what you want automatically
you seek out your desires
you make good fast decisions
You are always confident
you believe in your goals
you know exactly what you want
you find ways to get what you want
you make proud decisions
you use your mind to get what you want
you actively seek out your desires
You are decisive
you enjoy sharing your goals
you take calculated risks
What you want makes you happier
You are in control of your life
you control your life
you control your destiny
you control your future
you determine your future
You are fearless
You are a strong decision maker
You are informed when you decide
you want what is good for your future
you seek out the best in life now
you make good things happen now
You are persuasive
You are persistent
you attract your desires automatically

Center – Non-Hemispheric Specific

You are now open to receive.
Life is easy, you have an abundance of whatever you need.
you now have surplus, all your needs are being met.
you have unlimited abundance.
you now give and receive freely.
This is a rich universe and there is plenty for all of us.
you now live in a rich and loving universe.
Money comes to you easily and effortlessly.
You are always supplied with whatever you need.
you move forward with an expectancy of your greatest good.
you look for and receive a bountiful supply.
your greatest good is coming to you NOW.
your decisions are good
you get all you desire
you acquire what you want
you make friends with important people
you know what you want
you make decisions easily
you consider all options
you ask for help when needed

I'm here for you.



Wow--I have listened to this twice and feel a change already. Thank you!

Stan P Cox II

Aloha! Mahalo for the recording. After listening to it I can see how it would be able to penetrate the conscious barrier and implant the affirmative beliefs directly into the subconscious. I plan to use it daily, and put my vision board in view while listening to it to reinforce visually what I'm hearing. I'll let you know what results I get after I've had some experience with it.

Shirley Carrick

The first time I listened to this recording I found it a little irritating with the three voices but something told me to listen again and then when I did I realized that my problem had been that I was trying to hear every word that was said - thus the irritation. So, I just let go without trying to listen and I found that I heard plenty and I also found that I enjoyed the recording. I realized that even though I wasn't consciously hearing everything my brain and unconscious was getting it all and doing it much better than what it would have if I had heard every phrase separately. The mind is miraculous and works much better when our anal control center just gets out of the way. I am looking forward to seeing much benefit from regularly hearing this. Thanks Morry. Oh it would be great to have something like this dealing with "Perfect Health."

derrick tuggle

It is verry good kudos on making thisI Love It but it needs Noise reduction on it ..The hisss almost overtakes it

Mark .

At first it felt a bit overwhelming, trying to pick out what all three voices were saying at once. Then I noticed my mind seemed to be picking out the most important statements it wanted to hear and the experience actually became relaxing. I intend to use the recording on a frequent basis.

Patricia Wiese

Wow! Kind of hard to tolerate, but I made it all the way through and it did get easier.I put my attention on one phase at a time to hear each part and was amazed that I could actually do that. It's like having three ears. Combined, the effect is unbelievably strong and not relaxing for me. Explosive! Don't know how my subconscious could possible ignore it. Wonderful!


g'day to you both , firstly i thank you for the priviledge of having a free trial.i'm 72 years young and loved this to realize it will take many moons to remove my years of wrond ideas, but am giving it my beat shot.have downloaded no problem, have burnt it too,but will not play on my it meant to be this way?ithank you again .. polly


The first time I listened, I was quite startled when the second voice come in and I looked around to see who was with me. Of course, it only took a second to realise it was the recording, so that made me giggle at myself. And you know what? That giggle stayed with me. I'm sure that wasn't part of the intention, but it really gave me a wonderful day. Thank you, thank you.

Morry Zelcovitch

Hi Poly,

It sounds like your burn to CD did not work...

Here are some instructions on how to burn an audio CD in

1) Place a recordable CD in the recordable CD drive
2) Load Media Player and select "Burn" tab (near the top of the window)
3) Make sure you click on down arrow beside "burn and select "audio"
4) Drag and drop the file to be recorded into the "burn" list"
5) Click the Start Burn button and when the process is finished your disk will eject
6) ONLY 1 recording per CD

I hope this helps and I'm looking for your comments when you are so inspired.


Rita Stewart

It is great I love it and I expect great things to happen soon ,there nothing like training the brain for the better thank you




Hi Morry, This is the first time that I have listened to the recording and was amazed by the areas of the mind that it covered. It is surround sound and then some. I will listen to it a lot more and see what happens. I have listened to other mind sounds with very little effect other than soothing the mind.

Barbara Giles

Hi Morry, Thank you for the recording! I haven't listened to it yet although I am dying to! Are headphones recommended with this recording? Thank you so much.


Absolutely fabulous! My determination increased 100% trying to listen and absorb. I never realized what a lazy rut my mind had gotten into. Thank you so much!

Melinda M Sorensson

Thank you for the mp3. It is wonderful!

The only thing I can not save it in my computer without having to buy and install the pro Quicktime.

Thank you!!


Loved the affirmation "I am open" sounding like it was going into the top of my head. Can't wait to see if it is a help.
Thanks for sending it to me.

John Batchelder

Hi guys,This is so exciting. A few months ago I received your quantum confidence lite.
And now another free recording.Having been injured at work 2 years ago you could say I have been a little low in the self esteem department. I honest to God feel the difference! As my life turns around everything becomes clearer. I am so grateful for your many years of commitment.p.s. when you say (in your emails)"I'm here for you.It touches my heart with hope. Thank you


hi, I just got it yesterday and I'm going to start lisening today how long it will take to see results?


Hi, Think you for this download.I was amazed by listening to it.Thats what it sounds like in my mind nonstop except with mostly horrible thoughts.Its feels good to drown them out with all those postive sayings.I will keep using this daily in hopes that it will free me from the torment in my mind.You will have my support and free advertising of this if it helps me.


Thank you for your great work.
After 10 minutes of listening, I start crying and forgive me that I do not create a father like that when I was young.
Gratitude, Appreciations, Love from all my heart.


First, thank you for the free download. The technology is fantastic. I have tried this once. I don't seem to enjoy the affirmations. I wonder the "Brain Wash" will work or not. Maybe I should try it a couple of times more to see if that will work. Anyway, the background brain wave entrainment and running water are good.

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