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I must absolutely have this membership because without any doubts I know it works!!!


WOW that all I can say.

Joy M

I've used other brain wave entrainment technologies but this was different. I felt there was/is a harmonizing element to it. I could literally feel my energy level rise on a scale of 0-10 to 10 within a very short period of time. Amazing!


Hi Morry:
I have just started, fist time I heard it without earphones; yesterday I did with them and of course it is a lot stronger.
I´ll try to do it daily and let you know my feeling.
I am sure it works.

Travis Mc Farland

I have been using this technology and along with my mind power techniques it seems to be speeding up the manifestation process in my life. I would be very honored if I were granted the opportunity to become living, breathing Proof that this technology is benefitial and will help people be all they can be instead of setteling for scraps.


With me, nothing works, the 1º triliminal did! hope to get this membership, i deserve it, you deserve it.


im a newbie to this i see a definite future for myself and a great way to start would be to have a FREE membership as i like to try different things and i see this one so far as one of the best keep the beats coming


I had never heard of anything like this before. I'm dying to understand the concept, and to see if this will work for me. Lord knows I need all the help I can get,starting part 2 of my life, and I'm totally lost as to where my life should be going, so thank you for showing me a new path.


im a newbie and hearing this for the first time i felt wondering what ive been missing now i found the missing piece of the puzzle now its complete felt wonderful and a lifetime membership to this service of which ill be able to use for years to come would be astounding thanks


Tried the free recording and I feel really,really good! Thanks so much


Hey Morry! I listened to the prosperity tri and within a few minutes into the audio i felt that i went spacial into a deeper level of awareness then my mind was silent for the first time without effort.
would love to be the winner of this membership.


only one word I can say: "amazing", this audio program can change many things in my life. One example: I have bad habit, that is, I can't sleep in the dark or alone. Since I've been linstening on the audio, I can sleep well in the dark or alone. And I hope and believe my other bad habits can disappear soon. For Quantum Triminal Audio, I believe it works well


This is by far one of the premier self-improvement products to be introduced and I have tried several, including Monroe Institute. Would love to have this collection.


Hello Morry, I have had the pleasure of listening to your triliminal recording for two days now and I can already tell that there's a difference in how I feel. I am more relaxed. Thank you for you generosity. All the best


Hi Morris:

I only have two of the many audios you have been offering: Quantum Confidence Light (20 min long) and this Prosperity Quantum Triliminal Audio you just sent out for free.

I have been stuck in a horrible, poor and depressive state of mind for years even knowing life is wonderful and having no problems whatsoever; well, no real ones anyway; is like my mind just doesn't obey me and is in charge of the thinking part. Now, with just this 20 minutes audio I listen every day, at least 4 to 5 times a day, religiously, the desperate state of mind that controls my life is now under control and I feel calm all day long.

I stil dont have enough money to buy all the Morry Method and get a membership of the forum but, believe me, I will. I thought I was gonna stay fighting with myself the rest of my life with no results. I can't say how relief I am.

Thank you so very much; this Morry Method is just a miracle in my life.


I downloaded free Triminal (prosperity) yesterday only. I am amazed on the quality of this product. First time listening itself can tell you about its profound affect in the long run.


This is a very unusual recording and it must work wonders without fail because it is purposely recorded to link the left and right side of the brain together. This is the secret.


As I am living in a highly economic depressed area, with all the bad influence over the moral and self esteem, I truly beleive that having access to one of this memberships would ensure personal success even in one of the toughest economies of the world, let's put it to the test, and make believers out of non-trusters

Dave Metzger

I really need to have a lifetime membership so that I can become the person that I have been trying to be all my life. I am experiencing subtle yet powerful changes to my way of thinking by listening to these triliminals. I know that each new triliminal will teach me something more about myself. I want to reach my full potential so I can start giving my wife the life that she deserves. She has stood beside me in every endeavor I have ever tried, good and bad, without ever complaining and now it's her turn to be rewarded and experience all that I can give her. Please help me give back to the one person I love most in this life.

I also want to share my prosperity with everyone I meet and I know that these triliminals are the real thing and they must be shared.

Thank you for forever changing my life for the better.


I have been using the Quantum Confidence for a couple months now and have experienced many changes. I really like the program and know that it works, but simply can not put out the money at this time. Things have improved greatly but I still have a lot of learning and improvements to make.


I would like the free membership because I want to learn how to help my grandson that has been molested and is now having behavior problems as well as out bursts of anger, I have read a lot about the Morry method and believe it can help.


This is new different and very encouraging. I so need to change so much in my life and I believe this is the ticket. Thank you

Rasmus Kirber

I am so very grateful for the free triliminal recording!!
Compared to other BWE products I have tried over the years yours was like from another planet! That great!
I can't describe the feeling I get while listening to it because there just aren't any words invented yet to describe it!

Love so much what you are doing :)
I just know that I would be blown away by all the recordings yet to come!

Thank you, Morty & Song!


Hi, Morry...I've used the triliminal I have along with the other brain entrainment CDs and I KNOW that your methods change lives...they've certainly changed MINE...for the BETTER...thank you...Naomi

Rocky R.

I absolutely must have the Quantim Triliminal Membership because for the past 5+ years I was in an abusive relationship with a man who damaged my psyche,me emotions,my esteem,my bank account,threatened my life,and my childrens lives.Little by little he seeped in and drained everything from me.I was once a very strong,very successful woman.I allowed him to manipulate and control, and I don't know why.I want me back.A new and improved me.And I think your triliminals will help me and my family.I so want for us to feel and be good again.I have such sadness, and shame and guilt, that I allowed this predator man to devastate our lives.


Great idea a new download every month that way the brain can't get board or entrained and stop the system working BRILLIANT.


Thank you, thank you Morry
for the free gift.\It's a real blessing for me. It helps still my mind chatter and brings some peace in my head. I want and need more. Nothing happens by accident. This free membership is also available for me.
Thank you for it.

Dean Eitnier

I've listened to the Quantim Triliminal Prosperity MP3 a couple of times now. I can't put my finger on it yet, but it feels right for me. You see, I've had, in the last 5 years, job loss as a bank manager, a heart attack, divorce, and as a result, deep depression. I made the decision to change and be more positive in order to change the direction of my life from a downward spiral to an upward movement to happiness and prosperity for once. I started meditating, listening to tapes of all types and reading books and ebooks. When I listened to your mp3, it just felt right in conjunction with everything else. I can't wait till the results are in (and they will be - I can feel it). Thank You!

Kevin Routh

Hello Morry, I just listened to your audio. It was unlike anything I have ever experianced before. I meditate a lot and I got a ver similar feeling while listening to the audio. I'm still in highschool and I am a very determined athlete. While I was listening to the audio I was thinking "I want some more audios just like this one so I can listen and relax before I go run at track meets." I went and checked my email and I found this. An amazing opportunity to have exactly that. Now that is the power of the Law Of Attraction right there. Having these audios will aid me in my dreams of succes as a athlete. which will help me with college and that will help me with my life studies of changing this world for all to see its true beauty in peace. I am greatful for your time and this wonderful opportunity!- Kevin


Dear Morry,thanks fot your free audio.tonight I am going to listen again and see how it goes.the first time i felt already a big change.....since I am goint to travel around for a few years I would like to be taken from your mailinglist.unsubscribe eroica@hetnet.nl THANK YOU, and thankk you again FOR ALL YOUR HELP....Erica


sign out,unsubscribe eroica@hetnet.nl


This is IT. I have found other hypnotic products helpful but this really hits the SPOT. Absolutely FANTASTIC, WOW

Oliver Cunnigen

I have done so many other transformational technologies that I feel this is what I need to break through for REALLY Massive improvements in ever facet of my life!

Ronnie Dozier

This Quantum Triliminal Prosperity CD is awesome. I've been listening to it for just a week and I am having major increases in my bank account. Like $US7500.00 just yesterday! Makes me scream WoW, powerful, yeah!!!


Hi My name is Paul.

I have been developing a "Daily Programming Ritual" for abundance in my life so your free audio on prosperity smoothly fit into my daily ritual. I would like to have a membership so that I can continue my "Daily Programming Ritual" with the best most advanced and simplest to use input out there which is your brain wave technology.
Thank you and have an awesome day!


Hi Morry,
I've been listening the last 2days to your free quantumtriliminalrecordings,and it feels good.
Being 38yearsof age ,unemployed,no relationship.Little money to spend.It would be an undeniable proof of the true value of your recordings if by using them iwould start to become successfull in life.
My goal is to set up an online-business to help people to reach all of their goals in life,showing them what doesn't work,and more importantly what does.
I could really use some help starting to make this an actual reality.
At least wanted to say Thanks for the work you're doing!
Friendly greetings,Gert

Rodney Gillyard

Well done Morry. Well done


I revcieved the download and listen for the first time last night. If one of my billion dollar projects comes through I know that this works and will be a big supporter of universal frequency brain signals.
Carrie :)


I have been striving for continued personal growth and development for several years now. Although I have made great strides, I feel as though recently I have hit a block that is incredibly resistant to being cleared. I happened upon the free prosperity Triliminal download and although I have only used it once so far, I have great hopes that it will finally help me move forward towards reaching my goals for success and clearing my limiting beliefs. I would be tremendously grateful for the opportunity to receive a free membership with two new downloads each month. I believe the membership would be a serious investment in the future of my personal growth and development. Thank you so much for the free download :) I will be listening to it daily and continuing the work I have started on being the very best that I can be. ~*~ Blessings ~*~


Ive listened for second time and will make this part of my recipe for advancement toward financial independence


This is just my second day of using the Quantum Triliminal Prosperity audio and I am already feeling a positive and soothing effect. Wow! I can hardly imagine what will happen after listening to it for a month or so. Congratulations on a most remarkable audio. I would love having a membership in order to afford using these wonderful products.

Marlene Kühnel

I must have it because I simply deserve it after all I want to leave in the past from now on!

Lee Christopher

Having tried numerous other systems, I can say without a doubt that these are the best yet. I have been on a path of self-discovery/improvement for many years, and I honestly feel that these are assisting me toward enlightenment. Winning the contest, and having the opportunity to improve myself even further with more and more recordings would be a dream come true and a wish fulfilled. I thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the contest. And, I am certain whomever wins will be the better because of it. May you all be blessed.

Maurice Goulet

As I listed to the audio I began to visualize how I can challenge life's obstacles faced daily.

I saw a vision of ice blocks floating down a river. Every time it came upon an obstacle it stopped and was hindered from moving for a period of time.

As the season changed the ice melted and the water freely flowed disregarding the obstacles flowing freely around them and continuing on it's journey unobstructed by hindrances in it's path.

I realized that life's challenges will always be in front of us, yet we like water can choose to flow around looking at the goal or become frozen looking at the obstacles.

Water flowing in a brook is a great lesson in life. When we hear the brook sing we must always remember that it's the stones in the brook that produce the flowing sound of peace as the water simply ignores the obstacles and flows freely downstream.

Focus on your dreams and ignore the obstacles and your life will also produce a symphony of success in whatever you desire.



Just when I've decided (yesterday) to tap the power of my subconscious mind for every change that i want in my life, I received an email for The Prosperity Quantum Triliminal audio from Song. And what's really surprising is that this is EXACTLY what i WANT. I was planning on doing Meditation and Affirmations but The Prosperity Quantum Triliminal audio does it both for me EFFECTIVELY and EFFORTLESSLY. And we're only talking about a single audio. Getting a life-time Quantum Triliminal membership means more audios and more positive changes and a more fulfilled me.

Peter Møller Andersen

I have used the triliminals since october 2009, and they have really helped me a lot. I can not afford 2 every month, which is why I would love to win the life time mimbership.


Hi morry i have not listened to the link but i have a positive feeling that whom ever gains membership will absolutely enjoy them I have the quauntum mind power cd's and have been listening for some time and they absolutely work.


The Quantum Triliminal Recordings are great tools that can positively change a person's views about himself. As such, they are able to help enhance practically every aspect of a person's life.

Therefore, getting a Quantum Triliminal Membership will be a great opportunity for me. The recordings will be able to help me resolve personal issues that I am currently facing. They will be able to change my outlook in life. As such, they will be able to help me develop into a better and happier person.

If I win the life-time membership, I just know that it would be a gift I would absolutely cherish. ^_^

Rita Schilling

Song and Mory have been my #1 Gurus for quite a few years. Their wisdom, motivation and materials have worked wonder on me and all the hundreds of people I have introuduced their work and techniques to. Their honesty and clarity in their marketing techniques rings true after one's experience in using their materials. I give them both *****'s !!!!!


I have been on a conscious path of awakening for many years. The love and integrity that I feel from Song & Morry attracted me to try QMP. Morry's voice is very comforting to me and makes me feel "safe" to let go and allow. I have listened to the Triliminal every day since downloading it and I find myself looking forward to it. I really like the concept of the Triliminal. I would love to have the opportunity to become a member and have the opportunity to work with both of you! Thank you for the work you are doing!

thomas jacob

i must have this cuz i have two other audos frm you and it workink for me and ilike to chang my life now and for the better


I feel very thankful and blessed to be able to get the triliminal prosperity audio, for me is very hard to slow down and with this audio I really felt peacefull and quiet, that is already a huge gift and if I can erase the lack of money that would be a miracle and if I get honoured with the life time memebership that would put me into change my world totaly and the ones around me to start with. Thank you so much either way. Love, Ivette. Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, MEXICO.

Martha Perry

I loved the Triliminals! I find them relaxing. Thank you, Martha Perry Email: marthaperry2@gmail.com

Miles Hennis

Why I must absolutely have a lifetime membership to Quantum Triliminal. To be honest I flat out refuse to pay for anything of this nature as I have been ripped off so many times and most products do not 'work'. I believe this product will work because at least two of those voices (the two not being focused on) will go straight to the subconscious which is the goal of any program such as this. What better testimonial could you get than a tired, ripped off person such as myself is now happy and living the good life 'All because of your great product'. Have an Awesome Day! Namaste!

David Hughes

I'm now 61, and have been looking for something to change my life and to help me become more productive. I know I have it within myself to make changes, but so far I've not found the right something to help me. I hope this is it. Thank you.


Hi Morry after listening the audio just once,i am confident that with this membership i will make the world around me a better place.So,i badly need this membership.

Mike Friganiotis

Although change is instant, it's much harder for a person to make it, because of our conditioning - the power of that subconscious mind - over which we have little direct control. TRILIMINAL recordings provide an easy solution at a cost-effective price - value for money, and results are guaranteed. In addition, because constant feedback is sought from users, improvements are always user-based, and continuous. Even in my senior years, I believe I can benefit...my free membership will help me spread the word - the best way of advertising - to my many friends, to encourage them to improve their life dramatically as well!


I must absolutely have this membership because after having listened the QT Prosperity three times, I have experienced a fantastic new way of visualizing my life, being able to overcome every single obstacle that hinders me from being the man I've dreamed. I am convinced that I can leave this world a bit better than it is now!

Thiago Rocha

The prosperity quantum triliminal audio worked out so amazingly well that I need more.

It´s so exiting to feel that throughout the listening you bring back from your memories all those limiting believes and wrong behaviors and than by the time you see they are peacefuly replaced by those motivating thoughts of strengh and confidence and the more you listen the more you realize and evidence that you have changed in your actions and your positioning in life.

I´ ve been listening The prosperity quantum triliminal audio for about 12 days in a roll and suddenly I had people and friends asking me what was diferent in me, cause I seemed more alive.

Sorry for the miss spelling but I´m a brazilian fan and still learning english.

Thank you so much.


Hi Morry, thanks for the free Triliminal recording! I've been using your Quantum Mind Power system as well as Quantum Confidence Light before, so I know about the quality of your work. But still I was amazed! I experienced these 3 voices, the first one coming from the left, the second one from the right, and the third one that seemed to be right inside my head, like some kind of positive brainwash, clearing me of all the negative talk that we all are exposed to every day! It made me feel great, relaxed and full of confidence. This stuff definitely works, and I would love to win the membership. My husband is unemployed and depends on me financially, so I could use some help as I absolutely MUST function!

Lon Marie

I work in a fast paced retail store and before I go to work I always spend quiet time to get balance and motivated. I have taken on the challenge of motivating the other sales staff. After listening to this audio just once, I felt the strength of the universe working with me easily creating a more patient, cheerful and successful work day. After I clocked out, I spent an hour giving pep-chats with two young sales associates who wanted to know, "how do you do it!"
I am also helping two friends with Cancer, which can be very emotionally draining. I feel this audio will fill my spiritual cup allowing me to do, and be, the best I can for myself and the ones I love.
For me to win this membership would also be a win for the others in my life. Thank you so very much.


Very interesting this MP3.
I didn't expect to have such effect .After listening the audio , last night , I went in a place . And there have happend suddenly something interesting .It was like an DNA shift .I was aware that is something new ,I have felt the energy of that place in a new way ,in the air was all kind of fragrances ,I began to pick up , without difficulty ,information about people's Aura .
My mind was so relaxed .All was in a syncronicity :body , mind and spirit .Is not the first time but this was totaly different . Was a fantastic experience , Unique!

An experience of a special harmony , peace ,serenity .
Thank you .



I enjoyed the Triliminal very much. This is the best product I have ever listened. I wish to get the free membership because all of your cds I bought from you work and have helped me a lot.
Thank you


Tyrae Townzel

This technology is incredible. Between it and the internet itself, the playing field is level for me for the first time in my Life. I absolutely must have Quantum Triliminal membership because without it, I may never provide the lifestyle my children deserve. Thank You for your consideration. Tyrae


Hi Morry, I would like the free membership because like you I sincerely want to make a difference in Our World!


Many people are totally depressed and want to commit suicide. They are fed up with life.

I'm writing a book (in french, I'm french) to prevent them from killing themselves and to help them build their happiness.

This book will be the key for a better et sweeter life for millions around the world - I pray God every day for His help to reach my goal.

This membership will help me finish my book. I've no job : I stopped working to write this book.

And if the audio help me (as I'm sure they will), I will talk about them in my book : after testing them I'me already quite confident the Morry audio is one of the most useful tools to get out of depression and change one's mind set.

So, it would be great for me AND for all my future readers (millions of them) if I got the membership.

(Sorry for my lousy english)

Et maintenant la version française...

La vie est dure et des millions de gens pensent au suicide, dégoûtés qu'ils sont de la vie.

J'écris un livre pour aider les désespérés à retrouver le goût à l'existence et pour construire leur bonheur.

Je demande régulièrement à Dieu qu'il m'aide à atteindre mon objectif.

Pour finir ce livre, les enregistrements de Morry me seront extrêmement utiles. Ils me permettront d'améliorer ma mentalité - ils ont déjà commencé... Je les trouve extraordinairement efficaces.

Si je bénéficie d'un abonnement gratuit, je pourrais confirmer leur efficacité et j'en parlerai donc dans mon livre. Je suis déjà plus qu'à moitié convaincue qu'ils peuvent aider des personnes déprimées à sortir de leur mal-être.

Pour moi ET pour mes futurs lecteurs, ainsi que pour les lecteurs de mon blog, cet abonnement sera une chance.


Hi Morry!

I have been an eductor for the past 35 years and have now embarked on a remarkable venture that will affect millions of children around the world.
I would love to speak with you personally and share what this project is all about. Your insight and contributions will definately make a huge difference!


Thanks Thanks


Hi! Please I will like to have a free membership. Hoping and believing that, I will have a tremendous breakthroughs in every aspects of my life. Thank you.


Hi Morrey,I really need more of this believing I already have it encouragement.Even in the bible it says believe you have it when you ask for it and it is yours.To me the three voices are telling me I have it so believe it. Right now I believe I receive it and so it is mine.

Lone Stenberg Jensen

I beleive I alrady won.Why? Because you need me to solve your problem and I need you to solve mine. Look at how big this will be for you.. I have no money, no relationship, close friends, or job. But I tell you I am determent to to succed in all of them. If you give me the membership and it works for me.I will do this for you... spread out the words how this made my beliefssystem and thinking change everything in my life. It will spread like a drop into the water and reads everyone who truely want to change anything in their lifes. I have many aspect I want to change and this is the biggest oppertunity for you right now. Think about it. Lone from Denmark


However stupid it may sound I'd like a free membership because I'm an elderly teacher from a post-comunist state and have neither ability nor skills to use a credit card on the internet. Regards


Hello again, Morry.

just to say that I enjoyed the Triliminal very much.

I felt it "reorganised" my brain another way. Like a part of my brain that never worked before was suddenly making exercice !

It was precisely the top-middle of my brain... a weird sensation. And after that, a feeling of confidence and strenght.

Exactly what I need to finish writing my book against depression and suicide.

I'm writing and reading about depression, addiction and suicide every day, and it's very necessary for me to keep a good mood.

I have to talk with a an optimistic smile about very dark subjects... and the Triliminal help me to have and keep a good attitude.

So, my free membership will be a great help, and I WILL talk about it in the book I'm writing (I'm completely confident it will be a best-seller, God helps me in this direction.)

You're doing a great work.

God bless you !

Très amicalement,

Lucia Canovi


Great. I think with the membership I will get out of money trouble as I'm three years unemployed.

Vanessa Rowlands

Hi Morry,

I used the free Triliminal recording for the first time before I went to sleep two nights ago. I saw a kind of vision or daydream of a roll of cash and some gold coins. In the morning post arrived a cheque for £1078.98 from an insurance company. I believe your recording helped my subconcious mind vibrate on a frequency that said "yes you can have this". I've got exams coming up next month and im so scared of failing that im like a rabbit in the headlights and I feel stuck. If you could help me with this, you give me the power to change my life for both me and my son.

Thank you for sharing the keys to unlock and be free of all our negative programming. There is no greater gift than freedom of the Self.

Patricia Brown

I listened to the free triliminal last night - at first half-heartedly out of curiosity - but the more I listened the more I got into it. When I closed my eyes it felt like I was spinning with the voices coming to me from all directions. When I opened my eyes I was transported to another dimension with all the swirling colours and patterns that appeared on my computer screen and all the while the gentle, easy to listen to voices caressing my brain. I felt good afterwards but didn't think too much of it but then this morning I woke up with a new zest and started tackling things that I had been putting off for months - things that really needed doing to get rid of a backlog and release a stalemate that I had reached. What happened?!! It was like magic! More Magic please!!


Hi Morry
thank you so much for allowing the free download of triliminals
I think the method is an excellent combination of subliminal messages combined with brainwaves.
I've been struggling for more than the half of my life with overeating problems; It'll be precious for me to be able to have a Quantum Triliminal membership, as I believe it works. I cannot handle to pay it actually


Why should I deserve to win this more than someone else? I probably don't.. each person deserves the effectiveness of this fantasic program.

What would I do with this membership if I won it? I am a Pastor, a Motivational Speaker, and a Wilderness Survival Instructor. We live totally by faith.. allowing us to meet many other people's needs and teach them how to be winners in life. I believe that this membership would enable me to do that more effectively. Helping others is what it's all about for us.

Thanks for making this available.. You are a blessing!

Cathy Buckley

I was first introduced to Morry's work several years ago, and his programs have been a daily part of my life since then. Quantum Mind Power has been absolutely life-changing for me. I have also incorporated Morry's subliminals in my Mind Movies, making them turbo-charged and super powerful! But the most incredible testimonial I have is regarding my 10-year-old, non-verbal autistic daughter. I was told she was likely severely mentally challenged, but I always knew she was in there somewhere, listening, waiting, absorbing everything around her. Like many autistic children, she had sleep problems, including difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep and she hasn't slept longer than 3 hours a night for most of her life. Soon after I started playing QMP Good Night Sleep Well, she fell asleep more easily and slept for longer stretches. Today I am pleased to say she sleeps 9-10 hours a night! It's literally a miracle!! And if that wasn't enough, there is something even more incredible. Autistic children are very sensitive, much more than people can begin to understand. They are constantly bombarded with sensory stimuli that most people can filter out, but they retreat into their own world in order to quell the overwhelm generated by all these outside stimuli, or they can become easily agitated or react violently. When I started playing the QMP Schumann Resonance Meditation for her, she was so much calmer and happier. She also spoke for the first time in 8 years and said "Mommy hug". I cried for days after that. Morry has meant more to us than I can possibly express, and I would be absolutely honored and most appreciative to become a lifetime member of Morry's membership site and benefit from new triliminals every month. Thank you so much for this opportunity!


HI my name is Harry Beam and I simply must have a lifetime membership because since I returned from Viet Nam a disabled vet,with PTS,the vertbre in my neck locked in place from a rockslide that the army ignored and stopped my art career for 26 yrs until 5 yrs of adjustments healed me were I can do art work again ,because while getting all the abuse other Vets were getting even though I was in construction in Nam and NEVER SHOT AT ANYONE,THANK GOD,Ichoose to learn to mediatate in 1981 ,even though everyone around called me crazy,for doing it,when I spent the next 28+ yrs doing one self improvement program after another,before most of you knew what it ment,spending thousands,staying single,not dating using what little I made and hours a day doing the programs WHY, I WAS SEARCHING FOR A PROGRAM FOR VETS LIKE ME TO TAKE BACK THE LIFE STOLDEN FROM THEM BECAUSE OF WAR AND THE WARNING STAMPED ON OUR HEAD AFTER WE RETURN,THEY ALL SMILE AND WELCOME YOU IN BUT WATCH YOU CLOSELY ,THIS IS THE LIFE OF RETURNING VETS,I AM 61 YRS OLD ,single never raised a hand or even my voice in anger to a woman,but am single because of the time spent looking for one of these programs that work,the closet I came was a set of 4 tapes from the master of self improvement,John David,4 tapes for $1000,in 1988,to raise my IQ,I did, about 20 points ,stopped drinking in 3 weeks ,I need this because if I had the $40,000+ I ,ve spent on this research in 29+ yrs and you finally have what I've searched for most of my life and given up a chance for a family and kids,because I sit here out of work ,out of money, with a cracked vertbre,and I still go out and find simple jobs to just get by,I gave up my life searching and will not stop until I find the answer the returning Vets need to save there life after war,show me one of you who has given up so much looking for the answer,than show me the answer,THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME HARRY BEAM


Hi Morry
Thank you so very much for this tremendous. Have seen it for afew days. Have got great results specially with my business.....I believe this works and I am going to keep using it.
Best wishes


It would be great if I was chosen to receive your free memebership. This will be the most valuble tool for me that would tremendously assist me with my desire to help everyone I can to understand the power of attraction through my website and my blog. I need your recordings to encourage me to continue with my project dispte the setbacks and obsticles I sometimes encounter. I need something as powerful as your program to asist and empower me to continue with my dream of helping as many persons as I possibly can unleash their full potential, and to do so I need to show them the way with example.
I also want to thank you for the free audio you so kindly give to all of us. I greatly appreciate any big or little help I get. Once again, thank you so much.

Tatiana Torres

I´ve been asking the universe to give me a hand to make a real change in my paradigms and definitely it is giving me an answer. Whether I win the life- time membership or not, I want to thank you for the audios, which I know I will benefit from big time.
Sending you guys many many thanks and lots of good vibes. God bless you.


Hello Morry and Song (whata beautiful name). I would like very much to win the membership as I probably can't afford to buy it, but reading all the comments above. There are so many deserving people out there, who need it more than I. Good luck to everyone and boy do you guys have a hard job ahead


Thank you Morry, I am very impressed with this new technology. I have used many brainwave sound tracks before, including Paraliminals, but the Triliminal is unique. I am hoping it will help me to relieve my worries about finances and achieve a healthy prosperity consciousness.


I wish to have a membership to this site as i am absolutely sure that it will work - also i have never been very confident in myself and my abilities and also improve my financial situation as i am in desperate need of a miracle in my life right now.

Judy Mowbray

Miracles do happen...this may be the one I have been praying for. My spirit knows I am here to help others...now my body needs to line up...so we can proceed. Thank you for your consideration.


I can't think of a better way to continue my spiritual journey! Quantum Confidence and Quantum Triliminals have not only helped me but have benefitted all who come into contact with me on a daily basis! Being an employee of my local hospital, that means a lot to myself and others as well!! If I win this terrific membership, I hope to spread the word to others in need in my community. Thank you for this truly great opportunity :~)

Elly B

It would be wonderful to win the lifetime membership as i am just going thro peri -menopause and as a single mom with a young kid, i am struggling right now with staying emotionally balanced, having enough energy to through the day and constantty being in a feeling of major overwhelm.... I am sure that your amazing technology can help me with that. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

barney mayse

Transformative change is essential for a person to grow personally. I am seeking to grow but seem stuck in an endless repetition of events. I have listened to the prosperity triliminal and would consider it a core tool in transforming my life. I realize the short time span that comprises any one life and I would like to accelerate my growth which I am certain these triliminals will do. Courage, certainty and creativity would be the desired outcomes of working with triliminals. When I have learned to act creatively with the certainty that I have the courage to achieve whatever I have decided, I grow. Thank you for this opportunity.

Frank Johnson

hi, MORRY, I think that I sent out to you my experience to your tapes but don't remember that is because I've got a Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI for short... now I know what I said in this other email even if I did not send it out... and that it went like this.. I have a damaged brain because of being overcome by carbon dioxide poisoning. and that means that in the past when I've listed to various other programs like a pzzizz unit which I had got several years ago or HOLOSYNC technology which does not use a biurnal algormitm either. or other similar programs have had no real (measurable0 effect on me.. unless you say that this had lead me to you...(LOL)

And so I am challenging you to use me as a test case to see if this really helps people like myself or not .. and that since I am single and have no J.O.B. to go to daily I am asking you to literally take me under your wings and see if you can help me.
if you are at all the person whom I believe you to be you will do this .

I can be reached @ my home number most any time.

Its 585-482-8833



P.S. I believe that JOHN LENNON got it right when he sang "Love, love, love...love is all there is" so that is why I now more than in the past sign all of my correspondence this way.

Jeffrey Earnest

Morry. Your Triliminal audio is incredible!

The very first time I listened to it, I felt an inner peace develop almost instantaneouly.

Thank you VERY much and may you and your loved ones attain all success & happiness life has to offer.

Sincerely submitted,
Jeffrey Earnest

"True financial success is attained by loving people and using money, rather than the reverse"


I've been in this spiritual path since 1978 and now I'm starting a new beginning - a new and yet old travel to my Divine Self!!!!!Thank you for this gift!!!


Hello Morry and Song... :) Thank you for blessing us with this free recording. It will be like a dominoe effect, a power for good... I have been placed in a position to be a blessing to numerous others, but I need a complete clearing of limiting beliefs. These beliefs sabotage lifes' gifts... I have a strong pull within my spirit to elevate and be a force for good, but exp. & limiting paradigms, limiting beliefs, that I am working on clearing, may be hampering my purpose in life. My position when strongly aligned with those with capabilities to execute is on a level globally. It will help provide jobs by the thousands, therefore affecting people on all levels. From family, community, corporate to Gov. From successful implementation, an endowment will be set to give back to those who helped and a special giving on a continuous giving to our children around the world. I believe my place in life is to be a voice and faciitator for the "children" , to raise consciousness. I believe your program would absolutely help me to replace old limiting paradigms and catapult me to become a force for good. It would be a great honor if I am elected. You will be effecting people globally. A true dominoe effect. And it starts with one person at a time... Thank you from all the lives you touch and will touch,for all that you are doing!
God bless you....

Brian T.

hello, i have tried many products to change my way of thinking and feeling. but nothings seems to be working. i have tried one of your products and found something i have been looking for. this is the right place to get the help i seek. much need information for me here. so please accept me so i can get on with my life. (for the better).


This is awesome, I've changed so much since i've listend to the recordings,
my family and friends are responding to me in a way, that is more loving and respectfull. now i realize that I am the one who is giving more love and respect to others.
Dr. wayne said it best...When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

Thank you morry


Hi Morry,
I am full of debts and i want to show to the world that with triliminal,my life can change in the positive way.And create situations which can allow me to pay back all my debts and live a wonderfull life.
Thanks for the gift.


The product you're proposing is completely different from other subliminals or brain waves.Already,just listening to the sample gives me a sort of never experienced shiver from hair to toes.I keep playing it and feel like entering unexplored dimensions of my own BEING.This material seems to englobe meditation,programming,positive thinking,emotional freedom and what not.It is very simply for me,though all I could access is a sample,a key to feel really zen.

Jean Bertin


I just started the listening of this audio.

What striked me so positively is the way affirmative voices pop up in the audio. That is the exact way I used to receive strong and negative affirmations in some alpha state. Yes ! Sometimes when I feel sleepy , that is when I am in drozy state , a voice would pop up with a with a very negative affirmation.

Sometime the voice or the voices seem to come so close to me and other time they are like heard from afar.

The impression is so strong, at point that the very day and following onces I will feel the negative affirmation manifesting in my life.

To me , this system of Quantum Triliminal use the exact same ways to impress the mind with positive affirmations.

From the first impressions that I got in listining to this audio, there is a really great chance that this will work for me for the better.

That you very much for this gift.


Because the raising of one individual's consciousness helps raise the general consciousness level of all mankind. Whoever is chosen and commits to the program will help all the rest of us.

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